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Skin Loop

Photo Aging Skincare Solution

Sleep Doc

Better Sleep Behavior Solution

Monitor your Furiend's health

I don’t understand people who throw them away, but I hope PuppyDoc will reduce the number of sick puppies and stray dogs.


I could realize how exercise and sunlight contribute to our mental health.


PuppyDoc helped me understand my dog’s behavioral pattern. It works well as a tracker without a subscription.


Did you know receiving morning sunlight helps you get a good night’s sleep?

Exposure to bright morning sunlight causes melatonin rhythm phase advancement. This can effectively prevent/treat insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, and seasonal affective disorder. PuppyDoc  measures the color and intensity of sunlight and shows the daily sunlight exposure time & UV level.

PuppyDoc recommends suitable duration of exercise for your dog depending on its type of breed and age.

“PuppyDoc” allows you to understand your dog’s circadian rhythm and ensures your pet lives a healthy life. With PuppyDoc, both you and your dog can lead healthy lifestyles and sleep well.

Flexible Design

'PuppyDoc' fits most dog collars.


Take your dog shower without worries.

Magnetic Detachable

Charging time - 20 min, Battery lasts up to 4 Days.

Monitor your dog's activities with the 'PuppyDoc' Application

Always know when your dog needs sleep, exercise, or a sunbath.

How much time should your dog exercise in the sun in a day?

Understand your dogs behavior pattern

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We are delighted to introduce the world’s first pet healthcare device.