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  • Time for discussing about the japanese market strategy?
    Hello, my name is koji kurihara
    from kurihara planning Inc. in Japan.

    I saw your Puppydoc by kick’s website and I am very interested in selling your products
    as a distribution agent in Japan.

    Our company is mainly engaged in export and import business through E-commerce.

    We sell a wide variety of products, but our main products are hobby and collectable items.

    In addition, we have tie-ups with the companys in the M&A business, so we have a wide range of options in order to sell our products in Japan, including physical stores as well as e-commerce.

    If you would like to discuss the details of how we can work together in the Japanese market, please contact us.

    Our teams sold Some examples of products sold on Makuake are down below.


    We can set up a Skype or Zoom call to talk about our chance of partnership in the Japanese market.

    We can explain our strategy and roadmap during the call.

    Can you set up some time to discuss this by SKYPE or Zoom?

    Please let me know your availability.

    Best Regards,
    Koji Kurihara
    Kurihara planning Inc

    1-8-20 haramachi kokurakitaku kitakyushu city
    fukuoka Japan

    SKYPE ID: kpla4456
    mail kpla4456@gmail.com

    kurihara planning,.co.ltd,

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